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Happy Christmas to you and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!

Hi Everyone,

We'd like to wish all the food writing community in Ireland a happy and peaceful Christmas.

We are blessed to have such wonderful writers, editors, publishers and content makers in this country that support the great food we produce, the farmers and growers who produce it, the food producers who make wonderful award-winning products, the chefs and restaurants who serve it and us at home who cook it.

We live in a country with great richness in food but also in the arts and creativity. This past year a remarkable amount of new good new content has appeared on Irish food - the new magazines Scoop - dedicated to food writing, and devoted to Irish food culture and the arts.

There are also new Irish podcasts this year dedicated to food, substacks and long-form writing. There were some incredible books also published with some winning international awards.

Our own Cookbook of the Year award went to Blasta Books series one. Jay Rayner and Dr Annie Gray chose all four books of this series as their winners - authors Lily Ramirez-Foran, Gastrogays, Jess Murphy and Eoin McCluskey and Kwanji Chan.

Blasta books have marked a big turning point in Irish publishing on food - highlighting marginal voices who have so much to say and cook great food we want to eat. All are packaged in a beautiful way in books you want to keep forever.

We're heading into 2023 with some new ideas for the awards and really excited about what's coming. We want to thank all the writers and content makers who entered in 2022, it may sound like a cliché but it is indeed the taking part that counts. Being part of the awards builds community and highlights the important role that writers and content makers play in food media. High standards need to be rewarded and that's what we are here to do.

We'd like to thank our super judges who put so much care into the judging. They amaze us with the level of detailed feedback they provide; we really are incredibly lucky to have such a great list of writers and broadcasters supporting us.

Lastly and we want to thank the wonderful Irish food businesses that have been so supportive of the awards and food media in Ireland. Behind the brand names are dedicated people creating great Irish food and using local sourcing. These are companies that care about sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are thrilled to have them support us and without their support, the awards couldn't happen.

So thanks Charles, Gemma and all team from Certified Irish Angus, Farouk from Safco Fine Foods, Pauline and Mark from Gathered Ireland, Marita and Peter from Drummond House Garlic, Martina from BRÚ Brewery, Darina from Clayton Hotels, Pat from James Whelan Butchers, Shauna from Invest NI, Sharon Noonan from Best Possible Taste, Una and Declan from Bord Bia, Madeleine and John from Pestle + Mortar. Colin from Ardkeen Grocer, all the team from Kerrygold, David from Whelehan's Wines, Caroline and Santina from Powerscourt Distillery, Mary from Coole Swan and all the team at Fallon and Byrne.

Thank you and best wishes,

Suzanne and Paul

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